Our exclusive Online Freight Tracking Service - APITrac - is available to all clients serviced by All Ports International Logistics.  Click on the link below to login to APITrac and view up-to-the-minute shipping information for all of your consignments.

Clients wishing to gain access to APITrac - simply email melb@allports.com.au and request APITrac Online Tracking login credentials. An API team member will create login credentials for you and email them back to you ASAP.


We  have a high awareness of and is adequately resourced in state-of-the-art information technology as it relates to logistics and trade management.  Its electronic systems are subject to regular efficiency reviews.  Upgrades of both software and hardware are regularly undertaken.

Scope of the existing systems includes:

  • Direct access to Australian Customs Services (ACS) and Quarantine Officials
  • Pre-landed Costing Reporting
  • Final accounts processing on or prior to physical delivery
  • Order Tracking and Auto Reporting to consignee
  • Direct Client Access (DCA) facilities
  • Shipment Status reporting
  • Comprehensive Tariff and Parts listing
  • Electronic Document Interchange (EDI)
  • eMail facilities to key desk officers

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) can be arranged for the electronic payment of Customs duty directly into the appropriate ACS account. Clearly, this enables the client to withold duty payments until they are actually required for final clearance instead of having them held in a third party interest bearing account.

For control purposes, we seek fax authority for each shipment.